Unsuck your Science 2021

How a culture of care improves our lives as scientists, as well as those of our animals

Join us online on Wednesday 21 April 2021, 2-5 pm.


Last update: April 15th, 2021. Registration is open now until April 20th!

Download our UPDATED abstract book here: AbstractBook_Unsuck-your-Science_updated


As students and postdocs, we’re the actual crew of this ship called Science. Some of us get to stand on deck and enjoy the public applause. But more often than not, we’re just busy working deep down in the engine room. And that can be a privilege, because few other jobs are as interesting and rewarding as ours!

We want to do our job well. We care about our research. And though almost everyone around is well-intentioned, we can see much we don’t like – a flawed analysis here, a missing control experiment there, wishful thinking by our boss. Because we’re often the only ones to see that something’s broken, we’re also the only ones who can fix it. This holds especially true when performing animal experiments. We care about our lab animals. Taking responsibility for the life and death of another creature is never easy, but if done correctly, animal experiments can be both ethically sound and scientifically valid. So how do you know you’re doing it right? And how can you do even better in the future? 

Join us online on Wednesday 21 April 2021, 2-5 pm.

In our online seminar, 8 researchers will share their own solutions to 8 common issues. In addition to these practical fixes, we will highlight how better communications within your lab (and with the outside world) can enable such improvements in the first place. Joined by a panel of experts, we will then discuss what still makes it hard for YOU to make a difference, and what you need to overcome those hurdles. After the core event you may engage in open discussion with some of our speakers and members of our organisation in virtual break-out rooms.

The event will be held in English and is free of charge.

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Speaker affiliations

brief presentations:
  • André Bleich, MHH Hannover
  • Sabine Bischoff, Jena University Hospital
  • Fabienne Ferrara, ConScienceTrain
  • Katharina Hohlbaum, FU Berlin
  • Sarah Jeuthe, Lise Meitner School of Science Berlin & Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin Berlin
  • Vanessa von Kortzfleisch, U Muenster
  • Annemarie Lang, AniMatch & Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Lars Lewejohann, BfR Berlin
  • Stephanie Krämer, JLU Giessen
  • Emily Sena, U Edinburgh
  • Christa Thöne-Reineke, FU Berlin

Florian Dehmelt of Pro-Test will host the event and moderate the roundtable discussion.

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Registration + Platform

This event is free of charge. 

Registration is open now until April 20th, 2021. Please register via our Eventbrite-Event.

After online registration you will receive all necessary information such as the final program and the Zoom link for participation. If you have trouble, contact us via event@pro-test-deutschland.de.

After the event you will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Is this event for me?

  • This event is open for everyone who is interested.
  • We encourage English-speaking junior researchers across disciplines (MSc students to postdocs), especially those with hands-on experience working with lab animals, or with plans to experience such work in the future, to register for our event.
  • Our event has no explicit geographic focus, but in case specificity is required (e.g., with respect to regulations and other legal aspects), the situation in Germany will be emphasised.

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Please feel free to contact us anytime via event@pro-test-deutschland.de.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Data protection disclaimer

Your data will be stored only for event purposes, and will under no circumstances be shared with any third party. The answers to the questions asked before registration are only available to us in an anonymized format, with no possibility to trace answers to who gave them. The information gathered will only be handled internally to get a better understanding of who has signed up for the event.

If you have any questions about how your data is being handled, or would like your data to be deleted, please contact info@pro-test-deutschland.de. Your matter will be taken seriously and we will respond to your at our earliest convenience.

Your data will be deleted after the event has ended, unless otherwise requested by you or required by German/European law.

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