Our Mission

Who are we? 

We are a private initiative of animal caretakers, students, researchers, and veterinarians. We all have one thing in common: We have personal experience with animal experiments, and we want to talk about it. In our non-profit organization Pro-Test Deutschland e.V., we bundle our experiences and ideas to encourage a more open and honest debate about animal testing.


What do we want? 

  • We do not want animal testing to be a taboo subject anymore – regardless of whether one is in favor or against it. 
  • We want everyone who is involved in animal experimentation to talk about it openly and honestly, and we want to listen to each other. 
  • We want to explain how science works, and why animal experiments, e.g. in basic research, often cannot be replaced. 
  • We want to make active researchers even more aware of ways to protect animals – and to better inform the rest of society about animal experiments. 
  • We want to become personally visible and also encourage others to speak out personally! 
  • We want to hear from you and answer your questions directly.


What do we do? 

In our free time, we volunteer to answer all questions from anyone interested. We do so at street campaigns, via Facebook, email, our blog, and Twitter, and in-person on stages, in schools and lecture halls. We are can help others with communications training, consulting, and certified coursework – but are also happy to just have a quiet chat over some coffee. 


How do we finance ourselves? 

Our non-profit organization has no employees whatsoever – we are all volunteers. To pay for events, flyers, and our website, we still need some money. We only accept small private donations (no donations from companies or research institutions). Besides, we offer communication courses with small groups of participants, in which our members show other people, for a small participation fee, how to discuss the science and ethics of animal experiments openly and without fear.