Corrections to our website are listed here.

Where does our website content come from?

All our texts are written honorarily by our members and supporters – mostly young scientists. We obtain our information exclusively from reputable sources, which we link directly in the text. Often information is supplied from scientific papers, albeit difficult to understand, but provided nonetheless for those interested. Additionally, we link related newspaper articles and media content. For general information, on persons or drugs, for instance, we refer to sources on Wikipedia from time to time. Other contributions, in turn, are direct translations of English and German language articles. We examine such texts for correctness and refer to the original sources of translation. We wish to improve our content on a regular basis and expand our page by new topics.

Something is wrong, misleading or incomplete?

Let us know! Mistakes are inevitable when humans are at work. We work with the utmost care in mind that our page is always a reliable resource on the subject of animal experimentation. Should a mistake have snuck in nonetheless, it will be corrected in the text and the correction is indicated here. Use our Contact Form to let us know, and also if we may mention you by name as someone who spotted the mistake.