You do animal research?

You are involved in animal research in some way or perform it yourself? And you feel like talking about it to somebody? We’d love to. No matter whether you are a scientist, a vet, animal welfare officer, press officer, technical assistant, animal care attendant, research group leader or somebody else who is employed at an institute where animal research is performed: we would love to be in touch with you. Animal research is an emotional and difficult issue. And this goes double for those responsible for animal experiments. Maybe you are not sure yourself: is this the right way? Or maybe you have trouble explaining animal research to others, like your own family. One thing is certain: you’re not alone.

We Pro-Testers aim to strengthen communication about animal research in general. That does not only mean communication with the public at large, but also among ourselves and with everybody concerned. We firmly believe that only an open exchange of viewpoints can promote the cause of research as well as the cause of animal welfare. Doubts and misgivings must be voiced, as must be real problems. Therefore, anybody willing to talk about animal research will find an open ear with us.

This offer extends to institutions and organisations, as well. Some institutes adopt a policy of communicating about animal research as little as possible. We understand that such a policy is not about hiding something. An institute that gets into the sights of opponents of animal research may feel mounting pressure from the media and activists, pressure that can be directed at their employees, as well. Frequently, researchers, other employees and the institution itself simply lack experience, time or resources to handle such matters.

For this reason, a ‘beneath the radar’ policy is quite understandable. However, we firmly believe that this is the wrong way. In the past, many institutes have found a communications policy of openness and transparency to be very helpful. In our experience, people usually understand pretty well what animal research is about once one explains about the background and context. And only through open discussion can one gain experience in explaining one’s own animal experiments, should it become necessary. We of Pro-Test Deutschland would like to offer up our experience. We are always available for you to talk!

So whoever you are and whyever you would like to talk about animal research, please contact us!

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