Become a Pro-Tester

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to join Pro-Test Deutschland, a group recently founded to give scientists a voice and the opportunity to provide the public with reliable information and greater transparency on animal research.

Recently Nikos Logothetis, a world-renowned researcher gave up his work with monkeys after being continuously harassed by animal rights activists. His decision triggered an active discussion about the need for animal research in science among local residents and researchers. Now, we think it is time for us to speak up about basic research and unite those who support this cause.

Our goal is to promote public education about animal research. Ultimately, we aim to promote well-informed, balanced discussions on this delicate topic. We strive to help people develop an informed opinion about animal research by providing material that has been vetted for accuracy and credibility.

We intend to accomplish our objectives through the use of popular online forums and, in the long term, public education events (e.g. open houses, public discussions, meet and greets). Therefore, we released a public website, which includes a compilation of informative content as well as recent media articles and timely news coverage.

We are acting under the name Pro-Test Deutschland, a label that has attracted attention to the cause in other European countries, such as the UK and Italy. We are working closely with Pro- Test Italia and UK to compile an extensive database of information about basic research and to make this material accessible to our German audience.

We invite you to get involved. If you agree with us that something should be done for the sake of science, join our group! Joining Pro-Test Deutschland does not necessarily require a lot of your time and effort; however, all that is of course graciously accepted. As a supporter of this movement you will be another body, another vote, and another person with a voice to speak knowledgeably on the topic of animal research. To help us enhance our strength in numbers we are now calling out to you: sign up to become a Pro-Tester!

Sincerely yours,

The founding members of

Pro-Test Deutschland