Getting Out There

Last weekend we hit the streets of Tübingen to broadcast an important message to the local community. By lending a voice to science, Pro-Test Deutschland opened up the disccussion for animal experimentation. Individuals passing through Tübingen’s city centre were sure to notice the PTD Pavilion and the small group of members looking to spread the word.

With the distribution of over 500 informational pamphlets, open-minded individuals could delve further into the details of using animals for scientific research. Yes, there were supporters. And, of course, there were people with questions – lots of questions. For instance, questions on the use of animals in basic research.

Answers to these questions should be clear and we aim to build transparency and provide answers to these questions. Members of Pro-Test Deutschland are educated to discuss the details of such questions with you. The direct person-to-person communication afforded an excellent opportunity to engage with our diverse community. Overall, the outreach event fostered an environment of public discourse on a very difficult topic to discuss.