Welcome to Pro-Test!

We’re a private initiative of animal caretakers, students, researchers, and veterinarians. We all have one thing in common: We have personal experience with animal experiments, and we want to talk about it, openly and honestly. Because we believe that animal experiments, despite the suffering involved, can be both necessary and ethically justified. So we ourselves are “Pro”-Test… and we’d like share with you just how we got there.

This is why we’d be glad to take any questions or criticism you may have. Our members also write regular blog posts, fact checks, share personal stories, or explain the role of animal experiments in basic research. You can get in touch with them via email, Twitter, and Instagram.

Feel like joining us? Please do! Our non-profit is run entirely by unpaid volunteers donating their time and energy. As a matter of principle, we do not accept financial support from companies or research institutes – and are funded exclusively through small private donations, as well as through limited participant fees we charge for our occasional workshops.